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I speak in a wide variety of settings, from talks for the general public to talks for math educators or research mathematicians. In Spring 2020, I'll be giving lots of talks about my new book Mathematics for Human Flourishing, and visiting several campuses as a Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar.

My speaking schedule generally fills up about 6 months ahead, but you are welcome to contact me to inquire. Please send me details, including the size and nature of the audience.

Thanks for submitting!

FALL 2020
  • University of San Diego

  • Williams College

  • Harvard University

  • Baylor University

  • Swarthmore College

  • Southwestern University

  • AMATYC annual meeting, Milwaukee

Spring 2020
  • Azusa Pacific University

  • NCSSM conference, Durham

  • University of Arizona

  • Centre College

  • AAAS meeting, Seattle

  • KCM conference, Lexington

  • Marietta College

  • Kenyon College

  • University of Alabama

  • CPAM meeting, Chicago

  • Regents School, Austin

  • Santa Clara University

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