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I'm a math professor at Harvey Mudd College, a liberal arts college of science, engineering and mathematics in Southern California. I love teaching mathematics and opening people up to its wonder and joy through my teaching, research, and public engagement.  I have an academic webpage where you can learn more. Below are some links you may enjoy.

photo courtesy Harvey Mudd College

My web archive of cool math ideas I've used to whet student appetite for math.

My Real Analysis course from Spring 2010.

Pop-song parody performed on the last day of a linear algebra class.

A lecture series I did for The Great Courses to explain the power of linear algebra.

An inquiry-based textbook, covering point-set as well as algebraic topology.

My research is a mixture of geometry, topology, and combinatorics: you can think of these as the mathematics of shape, stretching, and counting,respectively. I often study problems motivated by the social sciences and my work intersects game theory, the mathematical modeling of decision-making.

The New York Times wrote an article about my work on developing methods for dividing rent fairly among housemates.

At my academic page, you can find research papers I've written.

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