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Bookplates for the Paperback Release

The pandemic made book signings impossible last year, at least in person. But signed bookplates are still possible. A bookplate is a sticker that you can affix to the inside cover of your book, which an author can sign and send easily through the mail, thus saving the book owner the hassle of sending the whole book to the author to sign.

So, I decided to make bookplates for a special event: the paperback edition of Mathematics for Human Flourishing releases this week, on Tuesday February 2!

The bookplate features one of the most popular pieces of art in the book, from the opening page of the chapter on Beauty. The art is titled 'Beauty' and was drawn by my friend Carl Olsen (see his other work at A few weeks ago, I asked folks on Twitter to vote for their favorite artwork from the book, and this is the piece that won. I love the reflective nature of the piece, with a figure standing and reflecting on the beauty of stained glass window that is reminiscent of a Sie

So, for this week only, I'll send a signed, personalized bookplate if you (pre)order the book for yourself or a friend and send $1 through Venmo or Paypal to cover costs. (For U.S. residents only, through Feb 5, or while supplies last.)

Sign up here for the bookplate:

You can find the paperback at your local bookstore or on Bookshop (which supports local bookstores, or Amazon (

Feel free to tell others about the bookplate offer, along with why you like or are interested in the book. (Tag me, if on social media.)

Let's change the way people think and talk about math!

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Monica A Tienda
Monica A Tienda
17 jul. 2022

Are the bookplates still available?

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